Every pilot has their own reasons for why they got started. What is yours?

“It’s my dream.”
Few things are as thrilling as leaving the ground behind you. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll start feeling at home in the clouds.

“I want a career.”
There is a shortage of professional pilots in America, which makes this a high-demand field. You no longer have to go to the Armed Forces to get the training you need to become a professional pilot.

“I’m curious.”
Your first flight with High Flight Academy can either be in a real plane or in our state-of-the-art Redbird flight simulator. Whichever you choose, our world-class staff educates and empowers you to fly.


Take the controls and sign up for an introductory flight lesson to get a taste of what it’s like to be a pilot.

4 Easy Steps

Your initial flight training session will set the tone for the rest of your flying career- whether professional, or simply for fun. Finding the right flight school that fits your needs, schedule and learning style is essential. High Flight Academy welcomes you to experience the difference with our customized, personalized approach in flight training. Our team is dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience by integrating the latest in flight similar technology and traditional flight training to ensure that every flight lesson is educational, efficient and of course, fun. Try it, and see for yourself with a Discovery Flight Package.


Step 1

Discovery Flight

  • Your instructor will guide you through a pre-flight inspection, including information about airplane parts and flight controls. At High Flight we offer you two options…
  • You can fly a Cessna 172 Aircraft or experience flight in our Redbird full motion Flight Simulator with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor
  • You have the opportunity to control the aircraft throughout the flight, trying basic maneuvers
  • You’ll end with a realistic idea of what training and flying is like
  • Post-flight question and answer session with the instructor

Getting Started:

  • No experience necessary
  • Flights are available for US and Non-US citizens
  • Call us anytime to schedule your flight

Discovery Flights starting as low as $99!

Step 2

Enroll in High Flight Academy’s Private Pilot Course

What’s next? By obtaining your Private Pilot Certificate, you will be able to fly an airplane, carry passengers, and baggage. So let’s get started.

Depending on your goals and ambitions, the High Flight Academy team will help you build a plan for success before you begin training including budgeting, scheduling and medical certification.

  • Budget: Your High Flight Academy instructor will provide a detailed review of flight training costs, and develop a schedule that fits your budget and maximizes the efficiency of your training.
  • Schedule: We understand the importance of customizing a schedule that fits your lifestyle. Ideally, we recommend flight student`s schedule at least 2 lessons per week. If your work, academic, or personal schedule won’t allow that, we are happy to work with you to establish a personalized training schedule that will meet your needs, and allow you to succeed.
  • Medical: Early in your training you will need to obtain an FAA Medical Certificate. This is a simple form that is required, stating you are medically qualified to act as the pilot in command of an aircraft.

It’s that easy!

Step 3

Your First Solo

You are now pursuing your Private Pilot Certificate. The first exciting event in your training will be to  Solo the Airplane. You will have learned the skills necessary to fly an airplane on your own. With the training you receive by our professional flight instruction team you now have the freedom of flight on your own.

You can now say I did it – I can fly an airplane on my own. Congratulations!

From here you your instructor will guide you through all of the additional skills you will need to get your private pilot certificate.

Step 4


You’ve done it. You’ve completed the necessary training and are able to safely navigate an airplane, and soar through the open sky. The last step is to pass your FAA examination, known as a Checkride. There are three parts to the Checkride: a written, verbal, and practical exam. The computer-based written exam is done in advance once your flight instructor has informed the FAA that you have completed the required training to pass the test. The verbal and practical tests are completed with an FAA Designated Examiner (“DE”) usually on the same day as the written exam. The DE is often a senior pilot in the community that has authorization from the FAA to grant private pilot licenses. Don’t expect any curveballs. The DE will run you through all the maneuvers that you’ve worked to perfect during your training with your flight instructor at High Flight Academy.

At the end of a successful Checkride, the DE will utter those famous words that you’ve worked hard to hear; “Congratulations, you’re now a certified pilot!”

Choose the Discovery Flight Package that’s right for you.

1-hour Introduction in Cessna 172 – $99

One-on-one session with certified instructor
Learn your instruments and pre-flight inspection
Try basic aircraft maneuvers
Take-off and landing
Question and answer session with instructor
30 minutes behind controls of the aircraft


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1-hour Introduction in Redbird Simulator – $99

Learn your instruments
Guided Independent Flight Training (G.I.F.T.) program demo
Basic maneuvers
Take-off and landing
Question and answer session with instructor


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1.5 hour Introduction Flight in Cessna 172 – $179

The most extensive, hands-on way to take your first flight!
Full hour behind the controls of the aircraft
One-on-one session with certified instructor
Learn your instruments and pre-flight inspection
Try basic maneuvers
Take-off and landing
Question and answer session with instructor


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