High Flight Academy partners with local school districts and colleges to provide practical, real-world flight lessons, education and training for students interested in aviation.

There is a shortage of professional pilots in America, which makes aviation a high-demand field. You no longer have to go to the Armed Forces to get the training you need to become a professional pilot. The world-class staff at High Flight Academy can provide you with the comprehensive education and certification you’ll need to become a professional commercial pilot after the age of 18.

Beyond the career benefits, learning to fly is a hands-on way to apply science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students of all ages build a deeper understanding, and possibly even a passion, for the STEM disciplines through aviation.

If you are interested in pursuing aviation training for academic credit, consult your guidance counselor or your college’s dean or enrollment specialist. Even if your school does not provide credits for flight lessons, we can still train young pilots on their own time! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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