Have you flown with a friend or family member in a small airplane, and are interested in learning more about how an airplane flies, what the various instruments are all about, how we navigate, and what to do in the event of an emergency?
The Confident Copilot course was developed more than 10 years ago, to answer those questions, and more.
This will be the third time the course has been offered, and it will be updated to cover changes in aviation and technology.
It’s designed to be interactive, informative, and just as importantly – fun.
A number of pilots will be on hand to present different topics, as well as answer questions. Several aircraft of various types will be on the ramp, to give participants an interactive and hands on experience with different types of airplanes and instruments.
The course is designed for those who have flown as passengers in small aircraft.
Registration will be limited to allow for the best experience possible for those attending. A pizza lunch will be provided, courtesy of High Flight Academy. Information will be provided regarding their Discovery Flights and flight instruction.
Confident Copilot is a free course offered by the IMC Club, but registration is required by August 15th.
To register, or for additional information, contact Mike Neuman, at; please include your name and phone number.

Looking forward to sharing the fun and excitement of aviation!
Mike Neuman, Sue Hostler and the High Flight Academy Team